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Century Original Wavemaster Pink
Price: 158.33 (190.00 inc VAT)
Aqua Punching Bag 18" Black/Silver
Price: 124.99 (149.99 inc VAT)
Aqua Punching Bag 21" Black/Silver
Price: 149.99 (179.99 inc VAT)
Aqua Energy 15" Training Bag Black/Silver
Price: 91.66 (109.99 inc VAT)
Aqua Bag Bruiser Bag 150lb Black/Silver
Price: 191.66 (229.99 inc VAT)
Century Grapple Buddy
Price: 66.66 (79.99 inc VAT)
Aqua Punching Bag 18" UK Edition
Price: 124.99 (149.99 inc VAT)
Aqua Headhunter 9" Training Bag UK Edition
Price: 49.99 (59.99 inc VAT)

Aqua Punching Bag 21" UK Edition
Price: 149.99 (179.99 inc VAT)
UFC 70 lb Heavy Bag
Price: 99.99 (119.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Punch Bag Stand and Platform
Price: 154.16 (184.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Punch Bag Ceiling Hook
Price: 4.99 (5.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Punch Bag Bracket
Price: 19.16 (22.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Heavy Duty Punch Bag Bracket
Price: 48.33 (58.00 inc VAT)
Century BOB Jacket
Price: 133.33 (160.00 inc VAT)
UFC Cardio Wavemaster
Price: 149.99 (179.99 inc VAT)
Century Brave Speed Bag
Price: 22.49 (26.99 inc VAT)
Aqua Bag Hanging Kit
Price: 37.49 (44.99 inc VAT)
Aqua Energy 15" Training Bag
Price: 91.66 (109.99 inc VAT)
Century Youth Grappling Dummy 30lb
Price: 91.66 (109.99 inc VAT)
Century Versys VS BOB
Price: 499.99 (599.99 inc VAT)


Bytomic is home to one of the largest collections of punch bags and grappling dummies in the UK, and is the exclusive distributor of many of the brands offered. Choosing a punching bag that’s suitable for you has never been easier, and you can find them all in one place. If you’re looking to improve your strength and build muscle then look no further than our range of heavy bags; which are available as both freestanding bags and hanging punch bags to suite your needs.

Of course, heavy bags come in many other different shapes and sizes, each designed to offer unique training methods tailored to your particular discipline. For example, banana bags are designed to improve your kicking ability, whereas uppercut bags are great for perfecting powerful uppercuts and high kicks.

Alternatively, if you want a punch bag to improve your speed and agility, then our collection of speed bags will help during your training sessions. Speed bags are designed to focus your training on timing rather than strength and also help improve your hand-eye co-ordination.

We also have a comprehensive collection of free standing body punch bags and flight simulators that are designed to give a more realistic training experience. Body bags are great for targeting shots to the head, neck and torso to improve your positioning and footwork. Grappling dummies on the other hand are intended to provide a degree of realism to your grappling and submission training.

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