Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil

Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil
Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil

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  • This is a warming massage oil ideal for warming up muscles before performance and for their regeneration after exertion.
  • The oil is not intended only for active athletes but for all those who need to warm up muscles and prepare them for exertion.
  • It's liquid base allows for longer massage and it is very effective as a prevention of muscle injuries.
  • Available in L (120ml) or XL (450ml)
  • Important Usage & Safety Information:

    Rub into affected areas

    After use, wash your hands properly, avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and open wounds

    Do not cover after application

    The product can not by used by people with sensitivity to any of the ingredients contained in this oil

    Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women


    Ingredients in 100 ml:

    Menthol (1g)
    Methyl Salicylate (31ml)
    Alcohol_95% (12,04ml)
    water (10,19ml)
    Light yellow colour (5mg)
    Deep yellow colour (3,37mg)
    Polysorbate_80 (0,02ml)
    Eucalyptus oil (5ml)
    Liquid Paraffin


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