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Welcome to Bytomic’s range of rash guards for MMA and BJJ. MMA rash guards are designed for no-gi training and work like an athletic shirt to protect your upper body from the tatami constructed training mats you’ll find in all BJJ gyms and schools.

If you’ve ever trained on the mats of a dojo without a rashguard, you’ll know that the friction between your skin and the mat’s materials can easily cause ‘mat burn’. Protect yourself by always gearing up with a suitable rashguard, it pays to buy a quality BJJ Rash guard from a trusted brand, so we’d recommend shopping for a tried-and-tested rashguard from a specialised MMA supplier like Bytomic, rather than the cheapest item you can find at a generic sporting goods store. It’ll save you money in the long run, and it’ll definitely save you the misery of dealing with mat burn after each class.

Rashguards are typically made from a premium blend of polyester and elastane (AKA spandex/ lycra), and the MMA rashguards here at Bytomic have been carefully engineered with fighters and martial artists well and truly in mind, allowing them to compete safely and comfortably. We’ve got the latest Venum rashguards which feature flashy designs, and cutting-edge compression technology to keep your blood circulating freely whilst training. Venum rashguards are also fully sublimated, ensuring that they’ll be able to stand up to even the most intense grappling session and see you through marathon mat training drills.

Bytomic are leading online retailers for the most essential martial arts protective gear and clothing, and our range extends to MMA Gloves, MMA Shin Guards, and MMA Shorts.

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