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Century Escrima Set
Price: 18.33 (22.00 inc VAT)
Century Deluxe Training Escrima Set
Price: 19.16 (22.99 inc VAT)
Century Nunchaku Case
Price: 5.83 (7.00 inc VAT)
Century Deluxe Training Unpeeled Escrima
Price: 8.33 (10.00 inc VAT)
Century Deluxe Kama Case
Price: 13.33 (16.00 inc VAT)
Century Foam Training Kama
Price: 10.83 (13.00 inc VAT)
Century Training Escrima Case
Price: 9.99 (11.99 inc VAT)
Cold Steel Training Escrima
Price: 23.33 (28.00 inc VAT)
Cold Steel Training Koga SD1
Price: 9.16 (10.99 inc VAT)
Cold Steel Mini Training Koga
Price: 8.33 (10.00 inc VAT)
Cold Steel Pocket Shark Pen
Price: 6.66 (7.99 inc VAT)
Cold Steel Wakazashi Training Bokken
Price: 24.16 (28.99 inc VAT)
Cold Steel Peace Keeper Training Knife
Price: 8.33 (10.00 inc VAT)

Cold Steel Recon Tanto Training Knife
Price: 8.33 (10.00 inc VAT)

Cold Steel Leatherneck SF Training Knife
Price: 8.33 (10.00 inc VAT)

ActionFlex HIT Foam Sword
Price: 44.58 (53.50 inc VAT)
Action Flex Training Escrima
Price: 35.66 (42.79 inc VAT)
Action Flex Training Chuck
Price: 33.33 (40.00 inc VAT)

Welcome to Bytomic’s range of martial arts training weapons. Many of the world’s most famous martial arts includes the use of traditional martial arts weapons; martial arts such as Karate and Kung Fu incorporate weapon training as part of their curriculum alongside traditional ‘empty-hand’ techniques. There are also some martial arts which almost exclusively focus on mastering martial arts training weapons, popular examples include kendo and fencing. There are a whole host of benefits to expanding your own training to include martial arts weapons, such as improved strength, control and hand-eye coordination.

Our selection of authentic martial arts training weapons includes a variety of replica training knives, sais, nunchucks and training Bo. As the largest UK supplier within the martial arts & fitness sector, you can rest assured that all of the products ordered from our experienced team will be authentic and built to last. We’re proud to be exclusive distributors of martial arts weapons from some of the biggest brands, and you can shop online for training weapons and equipment from the likes of Century Martial Arts, in addition to our Bytomic own lineup of specialised weapons for use in martial arts training. All of Bytomic’s martial arts weapons have been designed with the feedback from our varied customer base in mind, many of whom are experienced martial arts practitioners across a wide breadth of combat sports disciplines.
Martial arts training weapons are also fantastic showpieces, our authentic collection of the most commonly used training weapons from the biggest global martial arts are ideal for collections and displays. If you’re a gym owner or martial arts instructor, you may be eligible to receive a trade discount on wholesale orders of martial arts weapons.

Are you a Martial Arts Instructor, Gym Owner, Online Retailer or Shop? If so, you may be eligible for a Trade Account with Bytomic Martial Arts & Fitness. This will provide you with discounted prices across all of our products, for more information or to apply please click here