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The Gorilla 5-in-1 Board Holder
Price: £208.32 (249.98 inc VAT)

Bytomic Makiwara Board
Price: £15.83 (19.00 inc VAT)

When it comes to classic tropes of martial arts, the breaking of boards has always been right up there as one of the most commonly showcased - whether in online tutorials, Wuxia, or dojo seminars. We’ve got martial arts breaking boards suitable for taekwondo and karate available to buy online in bulk, and at prices you won’t be able to find anywhere but with us at Bytomic. You can choose from Bytomic’s own breaking boards, as well as Macho breaking boards. They’re padded on both sides for that added protection and locking them back together is effortless and frustration free.

Benefits of TKD & Karate training with breaking boards

Other than showing off (or failing miserably) in front of a crowd with board breaking prowess, there are a number of very legitimate reasons to introduce board breaking as a key element into your TKD or Karate training regime. Board breaking will force you to hone both your accuracy and explosive power, as well as challenging you to overcome mental obstacles - meaning that they’re fantastic tools to be utilised by instructors to motivate students.

We’re huge fans of the Ultimate Martial Arts Board, which is designed to imitate the look and feel of a traditional wooden board, whilst its specialised nylon build gives it durability to last thousands of board breaks. For more first-rate martial arts training equipment, why not head on over and explore our full selection of martial arts training weapons, freestanding punch bags & grappling dummies. Just remember, as Bruce Lee taught the world in Enter the Dragon - “boards.. don’t hit back”.

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