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Bytomic Wood Training Jo
Price: £7.92 (9.50 inc VAT)

Bytomic 3ft Training Jo Staff
Price: £9.99 (11.99 inc VAT)

Welcome to our full range of wooden bo staffs here at Bytomic. The Bo is a staff-like weapon constructed from robust, lightweight wood and these weapons were widely used dating back to feudal Japan. Favoured for their versatility, and their ability to be used seamlessly with ‘open-hand’ techniques taught in traditional Japanese martial arts, the Bo staff is an iconic martial arts weapon and most popularly used in bojutsu. Your typical wooden Bo staff will be around 71 inches in length, the longest of their class of wooden staff-like weapons - the Jo measures in at 47 inches, whilst the Hanbo is the shortest of the three staffs, at 35 inches.

There are many different ways to wield a Bo, however the one technique that you’ll find yourself using more often than not is with one hand facing the body and the other hand facing away - allowing the Bo the freely rotate to generate power. Traditional schools teach that the Bo staff should be thought of as an extension of the body and can be used for blocking, striking, sweeping, and to ‘trap’ an opponent.

In our range, we’ve got competition standard wooden bo and jo staffs available to order in bulk, and all of our Bo and Jo staffs feature beautiful wooden finishes with tapering, ensuring that our martial arts Bo are suitable to be used to hone training techniques. We’ve got a wide range of our very own Bytomic Bo staffs, as well as a number of training Bo staffs from Century Martial Arts - a heavyweight in the martial arts industry - and a brand of which we’re proud to be the exclusive UK distributor.

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