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Macho Kick Shield
Price: £58.33 (70.00 inc VAT)
Macho Dyna Face Shield
Price: £33.32 (39.98 inc VAT)
Macho Warrior Face Shield
Price: £33.32 (39.98 inc VAT)
Macho Forearm Shield
Price: £33.32 (39.98 inc VAT)


Welcome to our dedicated range of Macho Martial Arts MMA sparring gear here at Bytomic. Sparring is an essential component of any martial arts discipline, and is a huge step-up from practicing your techniques on a grappling dummy or a more traditional punching bag. Sparring introduces the element of a moving, thinking opponent who is waiting to retaliate if you let your guard down, and it’s important to protect both yourself and your sparring partner from injury. This is where Macho Martial Arts’ foam sparring gear comes into the picture, their dipped foam sparring equipment has been favoured by instructors and coaches for decades for their rugged reliability and ease of wear.

Foam head guards, chest & shin guards and protective shields.

We’re the leading online supplier of all of Macho Martial Arts’ protective sparring equipment and it’s all readily available at competitive online prices. Head guards are an absolute must when it comes to sparring, and we’re happy to be able to supply you with wholesale orders of Macho Martial Arts’ reliable foam head guards. They’re constructed with a double foam overlay to ensure peace of mind from the potential repercussions of taking unprotected shots to the jaw and head. Macho Martial Arts also manufactures foam chest protectors, face shields and shin guards to help prevent injury during intense sparring sessions.

We’re able to boast over two decades of determined work to become recognised as industry leaders when it comes to supplying a wide range of MMA and combat sports equipment from the most trusted brands - and you can shop for all of the MMA protective gear you’ll need here with us. Whether specialised Mixed Martial Arts gloves or boxing gloves, we’ve got the right gear at the right prices - especially when you factor in our trade discounts for wholesalers. If you’re a gym owner, retailer or martial arts instructor, get in touch with us to apply for your trade account to receive unbeatable value on bulk orders of the very best martial arts & fitness gear online.

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