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Karate Gis

Welcome to Bytomic’s leading range of top quality Karate Gis. Your Gi is the foundation of your karate apparel, and forms the major part of traditional karate wear. The karate Gi, whether in white or black is one of the most instantly recognisable aspects of karate, as well as other martial arts. Karate uniforms are specialised to the demands of the sport, and although the standard Karate suit is similar to a Judogi, the cloth is designed to help enhance speed and movement. Additionally, the relative lack of throws in Karate when compared to Judo, allows the material to be less thick, especially in the lapels.

How to care for your Karate Gi

Within the confines of the dojo, it’s an important that you always show respect for your appearance, your teacher, your surroundings and other practitioners by wearing the correct uniform and ensuring that it is always in good condition. Karate Gis can be easily washed and maintained, as long as you do so quickly after every session to avoid staining.

We have the Venum Elite Gi which is approved by the World Karate Federation (WKF) and is one of the lightest Karate Gis available today, and its innovative design ensures that you can perform fluidly and without restriction during Kumite.

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