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Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag
Price: 274.99 (329.99 inc VAT)

Century BOB XL Workout DVD
Price: 20.83 (25.00 inc VAT)
Century XXL Zone Workout DVD
Price: 16.66 (19.99 inc VAT)
Century Powerline Junior Wavemaster
Price: 124.99 (149.99 inc VAT)

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
Price: 108.33 (130.00 inc VAT)

Century Lil Dragon Wavemaster
Price: 108.33 (130.00 inc VAT)
Century Powerline Wavemaster
Price: 179.16 (214.99 inc VAT)
Century BOB Junior
Price: 233.33 (280.00 inc VAT)
Century Super X Combo Wavemaster
Price: 174.99 (209.99 inc VAT)
Century Versys VS1 Fight Simulator
Price: 274.99 (329.99 inc VAT)

Century Versys VS2 Fight Simulator
Price: 408.33 (490.00 inc VAT)
Century Versys VS3 Fight Simulator
Price: 583.33 (700.00 inc VAT)
Century Versys VSPAR1 Kids
Price: 183.33 (220.00 inc VAT)
Century Versys VSPAR2 Kids
Price: 241.66 (289.99 inc VAT)
Century BOB XL Freestanding Punch Bag
Price: 383.33 (460.00 inc VAT)

UFC OcTek 100lb MMA Adult Punch Bag Grey
Price: 120.83 (145.00 inc VAT)
UFC OcTek 80lb MMA Adult Punch Bag Grey
Price: 83.32 (99.98 inc VAT)
UFC 70lb 3 Piece Set Adult Punch Bag Black
Price: 99.99 (119.99 inc VAT)
UFC 70lb MMA Training Adult Punch Bag Grey
Price: 83.33 (100.00 inc VAT)
Century XXL Wavemaster
Price: 249.99 (299.99 inc VAT)
Century Versys VS2 Jacket and Belt
Price: 83.33 (100.00 inc VAT)
Century Versys VS BOB
Price: 499.99 (599.99 inc VAT)

UFC Cardio Wavemaster
Price: 149.99 (179.99 inc VAT)
Century BOB Jacket
Price: 133.33 (160.00 inc VAT)
UFC 70 lb Heavy Bag
Price: 99.99 (119.99 inc VAT)

Freestanding Punch Bags

Bytomic has an extensive range of standing and freestanding punch bags available for many different disciplines. From traditional heavy bags to specialised fight simulators and body opponent bags (BOB’s), you’re sure to find the right freestanding punch bag for the job within our online store.

When you’re looking for a new punch bag or heavy bag, you have the choice between many different types. The two main types, hanging and freestanding, both have their advantages. For freestanding punch bags, they provide excellent benefits of kicking workouts as the have a low centre of gravity around the base, which makes them sturdier than hanging alternatives. They’re also great if you have a limited amount of space within your gym or workout space as they can be place upon a stand with wheels and move around to make space when needed.

As well as our freestanding punch bags, we stock other types such as speed bags, hanging bags and grappling dummies. Within our hanging punch bag department you’ll find banana bags which are excellent for Muay Thai workouts.

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