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Welcome to our full range of specialised MMA foot pads and sparring boots for use in combat sports. MMA foot pads are an essential component of protective gear and are there primarily to prevent serious bruising and breaking in your feet, if your MMA discipline involves explosive kicking techniques, it’s vital that you’re set up to protect both you and your opponent at all times. Sparring boots have the dual benefit of allowing your sparring partner to absorb your devastating blows without receiving the full force of the strike they’d otherwise experience; as well as giving you the peace of mind to not hold back in sparring sessions.

We have available only the highest quality of MMA foot pads and sparring boots, made from tough and durable leather and shock absorbing foam. When it comes to investing in protective gear for MMA, it pays to buy long-lasting gear that will stand the test of time, and survive punishing training sessions. Bytomic have foot pads for both MMA and Karate - all of our karate specialised sparring boots are WKF (World Karate Federation) approved and have been tested to the strictest industry standards. Our foot pads are from the most popular and trusted brands in the world - the likes of Top Ten, Century Martial Arts and Macho Martial Arts - and are favoured by serious martial artists from across the globe

For even more top-quality protective gear, head on over to check out our full ranges of MMA shin guards, MMA Gloves and MMA rash guards. There’s no better place to shop for specialised protective gear and equipment for the most popular combat sports in the world than here with us at Bytomic, and if you’re a gym owner, instructor or online retailer; you may be able to receive a special trade discount for bulk orders.

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No Stink Sports Shoe Deodouriser Green
Price: £4.99 (5.99 inc VAT)


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