Tae Kwon Do

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Welcome to our dedicated Taekwondo department here at Bytomic, where we have available the essential equipment you’ll need to get started in Korea’s most popular martial art. We’ve built our reputation on delivering quality products at the right price points, alongside excellent customer service - and we’re proud to be able to say that we’re the number UK supplier of official Taekwondo equipment and Taekwondo apparel online.

Taekwondo is a unique blend of kicking and punching techniques to defend against, and to inflict punishment to, an opponent. It’s much more than just a martial art however, and Taekwondo embodies an entire way of living for millions of practitioners around the globe to this day. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the sport, or already dreaming of competing at Olympic level; you’re going to want to be sporting quality TKD gear right from the start of your journey.

We’ve got ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) approved Taekwondo uniforms, AKA doboks, for men, ladies and juniors; including blue, red and black Taekwondo suits. Our TKD uniforms are made from premium materials and are built to allow for freedom of movement without sacrificing anything in the way of durability, which is a necessary attribute for any combat sport. Bytomic also have available Taekwondo Belts, TKD sparring gear and specialised Taekwondo breaking boards.

If you’re a Taekwondo instructor and run an official TKD school, you may be eligible for a discount through a Bytomic trade account. We’re experienced UK suppliers of first-rate martial arts equipment and apparel, and have supplied wholesale orders to a wide variety of customers, including gym owners, schools and instructors from a plethora of global MMA disciplines. Get in touch with our friendly team today to shop for wholesale Taekwondo gear with us - we’re always happy to deliver our promise of unmatched customer service.