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Cold Steel O Tanto Training Bokken
Price: £14.99 (17.99 inc VAT)
Cold Steel Wakazashi Training Bokken
Price: £24.16 (28.99 inc VAT)
ActionFlex HIT Foam Sword
Price: £44.58 (53.50 inc VAT)
Century Foam Training Bokken Adult
Price: £12.49 (14.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Bamboo Training Katana
Price: £16.66 (19.99 inc VAT)
Century Actionflex Bo Staff
Price: £50.00 (60.00 inc VAT)
Bytomic Light Hardwood Training Bokken
Price: £8.32 (9.98 inc VAT)

Bytomic Foam Bokken Youth
Price: £12.49 (14.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Wood Bokken with Scabbard Youth
Price: £16.66 (19.99 inc VAT)
Cold Steel O Tanto Bokken
Price: £16.66 (19.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Foam Blocker
Price: £24.67 (29.60 inc VAT)

Bytomic Junior Dipped Foam Training Sword
Price: £13.33 (16.00 inc VAT)
Bytomic Dipped Foam Training Sword - 25"
Price: £14.99 (17.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Foam Training Sword Black 40"
Price: £24.99 (29.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Foam Training Sword 34"
Price: £20.83 (25.00 inc VAT)

Welcome to our selection of martial arts bokken here at Bytomic. Bokken are wooden training swords designed to match the weight and feel of steel swords, (‘bokken’ is a combination of the Japanese words for ‘wood’ and ‘sword’) and are typically used to allow for realistic sword training without the risk of serious injury. Bokken were commonly used by feudal-era Samurai, who would use the wooden swords during training to prepare for battle. The bokken can also be used as a weapon in its own right, and there are a whole host of myths and tales about sword-masters defeating opponents with only a bokken at hand.

Bokken are traditionally used in the martial arts of; kendo, kenjutsu, iaido and aikido; featuring prominently in kata. Although one of the main principles of the bokken is that they’re substitutes for a steel sword, they can still cause serious injury if wielded by inexperienced martial artists and should always be treated with respect and due care.

In terms of size, bokken are usually similar to katana, however different schools will use a length of bokken to fit their style. Bokken can take the shape of a variety of swords to allow for a wide range of training across various disciplines. Here at Bytomic we have a selection of first-rate martial arts bokken from Century Martial Arts, as well as a number of our own Bytomic training swords. We’ve got a variety of differently sized youth bokken, suitable for a range of age groups.

Bytomic are the UK’s leading online suppliers of authentic martial arts weapons, and you can find a collection of high-quality nunchucks, training knives, and Bo staffs.

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