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  • NEW! No Stink XL Sports Deodoriser

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    Stand against the stink with the NEW No Stink Deodoriser XL. It's the ultimate solution for removing bad, unwanted

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  • The Benefits of Training in Martial Arts for Children

    The subject in hand can often be a tricky one. Some are not so keen on the idea of children training within a Martial Arts discipline for multiple reasons. Some people see it as encouraging violence and anger or teaching physical reactions as solutions, which of course would be reasons to not send your 6 year old son/daughter to a Boxing class. But this just isn't the case, so here's a few reasons why training in Martial Arts has huge benefits

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  • New 2017 Bytomic Website

    Here at Bytomic we are always looking at ways to improve & enhance the user experience for our retail and wholesale customers. We decided to take the leap to a much more powerful platform than our previous site with a dedicated area for you, our trade customers. There are many benefits of the new site and we intend to constantly improve it, some of these benefits are:

    • Improved Navigation, Product Filtering and Live Search which

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  • Picking Your Bag: Punch Bag Comparison

    Whilst Bytomic offer many different types of punch bags, some people aren't aware what each one is specifically designed for and it can sometimes be confusing when looking to purchase a new one. There's no 'one-size-fits-all' solution when it comes to punch bags, not all are the same and each can offer a different experience in your training sessions. It's important to make the correct decision on which one to go for depending on your discipline-

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  • Christmas Gift Guide

    As we get ever closer to Christmas, you may still be struggling to find the perfect gift for your partner or children – or even just a friend. Bytomic has plenty of martial arts equipment and clothing that make a fantastic gift on Christmas morning, so we've put together a short guide with a few of our favourite picks. We've also included some stocking fillers, just in case you need a few last things to complete your Christmas shopping

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  • Bytomic Timeline - Celebrating 25 Years

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  • WIN a Bottle of Moet Each Month!

    2016 is the year we celebrate 25 years in the industry - and we couldn't have done it without you! Therefore, we're offering each and every one of our monthly customers the chance to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary - by giving away a bottle of Moet champagne for each month in 2016.

    All customers that place an order each month between March and December will be entered into a free draw and the winner will be announced at the end of

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  • Aqua Training Bags: What You Need To Know

    Just as you thought Bytomic's collection of heavy bags and other punch bags couldn't get any better, we're excited to announce that we've recently taken stock of the brand new, state-of-the-art range of Aqua training bags. Whilst using water as an alternative to bag filler is nothing new, utilising the water to provide realistic feedback whilst protecting you from injury is somewhat revolutionary for all those looking for alternative methods to

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  • Introducing Bytomic Mats

    Finding floor space that's suitable for martial arts training is a problem we face every day, especially when training classes take part in multi-purpose locations such as halls and schools. In these locations especially, the flooring is often hard with minimum amounts of grip - a far cry from the cushioned surface that is required during martial arts classes and training, and even more so in classes which involve grappling and groundwork. This

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  • An Introduction to Taekwondo

    Welcome to the first in our series of blog entries introducing some of the most important global martial arts disciplines that we have available here at Bytomic. First up is a martial art that stems back thousands of years, born on the battlefields of ancient Korea - Taekwondo.

    What is Taekwondo?

    Taekwondo is one of the most storied and practiced

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