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Aeroplast Small Instant Ice Pack
Price: 1.83 (2.20 inc VAT)

Aeroplast Instant Ice Pack
Price: 1.99 (2.39 inc VAT)

Aeroplast Fabric Knuckle Plasters
Price: 3.33 (4.00 inc VAT)
Aeroplast Cartoon Strip Plasters
Price: 3.33 (4.00 inc VAT)
Aeroplast Plastic Plasters
Price: 3.46 (4.15 inc VAT)
Aeroplast Transparent Plasters
Price: 3.88 (4.66 inc VAT)
Aero Latex Free Fabric Strip
Price: 4.99 (5.99 inc VAT)
Aeroplast Cold Spray
Price: 4.99 (5.99 inc VAT)
Aeroplast Butterfly Wound Closures
Price: 4.99 (5.99 inc VAT)
Aeroplast Hot/Cold Pack With Cotton Cover
Price: 4.99 (5.99 inc VAT)

Aerokit In Bum Bag
Price: 5.83 (7.00 inc VAT)
Aerowipe Alcohol Free Surface Wipe
Price: 5.83 (7.00 inc VAT)
Aeroplast 10 Person Refill
Price: 9.16 (10.99 inc VAT)
Aerokit Sports Kit in Zipper Pouch
Price: 11.25 (13.50 inc VAT)
Aerokit Sports Kit in Case
Price: 31.66 (37.99 inc VAT)
Aerokit Sports Kit in Haversack
Price: 41.66 (49.99 inc VAT)

Welcome to our full range of Aero Healthcare medical supplies here at Bytomic. Aero Healthcare are a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of outstanding medical products, and their range of innovative products is trusted by the likes of the National Health Service. The enduring quality of Aero Healthcare’s medical products is guaranteed by their independent certification, requiring organisations to demonstrate the ability to meet strict regulatory standards.

We understand just how important it is to always have reliable medical supplies on hand, and our Aero Healthcare range includes everything you’ll need in an emergency, offering effective medical solutions for the most common sports related injuries.

Whether you’re a martial arts teacher; gym, dojo or school owner, make sure you’re stocked up with the essential sports medical supplies from Aero Healthcare. Bytomic has available an assortment of Aero Healthcare’s; Aeroplast plasters, cold sprays and ice packs; in addition to the Aero Healthcare Aerokit sports kits - which are supplied in a handy travel case.

For even more first-rate medical supplies you can rely on in an emergency, head on over and browse Bytomic’s full selections of sports injury first-aid kits and medical tape.

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