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We offer a wide range of equipment for increasing strength & endurance including power bags, weights, kettlebells and more. Our entire range is available at wholesale prices to martial arts schools, gyms and retailers.
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The Power Bar 2
Price: 24.99 (29.99 inc VAT)
Scramble Grip Trainers Black
Price: 16.67 (20.00 inc VAT)
The Burn Machine - Intermediate 8lb
Price: 104.16 (124.99 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Universal Training Bar
Price: 20.82 (24.98 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Rotating Push Up Handles
Price: 29.16 (34.99 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Pro Suspension Trainer
Price: 41.66 (49.99 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Kettlebell 10kg Raspberry
Price: 30.82 (36.98 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Kettlebell 20kg Red
Price: 58.32 (69.98 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Kettlebell 24kg Black
Price: 66.66 (79.99 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Kettlebell 4kg Pink
Price: 16.66 (19.99 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Kettlebell 6kg Yellow
Price: 21.66 (25.99 inc VAT)
Fitness Mad Kettlebell 8kg Purple
Price: 26.66 (31.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Basic Hand Grippers
Price: 5.82 (6.98 inc VAT)
Bytomic Power Speed Sled
Price: 49.99 (59.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Power Bag 10kg
Price: 32.49 (38.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Leather 12kg Bulgarian Training Bag
Price: 112.49 (134.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Suspension Trainer Kit
Price: 37.49 (44.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Gym Workout Bar
Price: 14.99 (17.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Prowler Power Speed Sled
Price: 166.65 (199.98 inc VAT)
Venum Nutrition Mass Gainer - Chocolate
Price: 92.49 (110.99 inc VAT)
Venum Nutrition Creatine - Unflavoured
Price: 9.99 (11.99 inc VAT)
Venum Nutrition BCAA Amino
Price: 33.33 (40.00 inc VAT)
Venum Nutrition Shaker
Price: 6.66 (7.99 inc VAT)

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