Bytomic Trade Accounts

Excellent B2B margins are available on all of our products, apply for a Bytomic Trade Account today!

If you are an online retailer, shop school owner or instructor we may be able to offer you a trade account (subject to approval). Trade customers have access to our entire product catalogue at reduced prices, we offer excellent margins on all products to allow for resale to end consumers!

So what do I do now?
  • Please fill out the application form below - make sure you have completed all applicable fields to ensure we recieve your application.
  • If you have not done so already, register for a username and password login (by clicking here)
  • Once received, we will review your application and contact you for proof of trade status - we would love to just be able to take your word for it, but if we did then everyone would be a trade customer!
  • Once we have verified your trade status your account will be upgraded immediately and you will be able to login and order straight away!

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