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Century 4-Way Training System
Price: £142.66 (171.19 inc VAT)
Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag
Price: £249.99 (299.99 inc VAT)

Century Vinyl Heavy Punch Bag 70lb
Price: £66.66 (79.99 inc VAT)

Century Powerline Wavemaster
Price: £162.49 (194.99 inc VAT)
Century BOB Junior
Price: £204.16 (244.99 inc VAT)
Century Boxing Workout Station
Price: £166.66 (199.99 inc VAT)
Bytomic Drawstring Equipment Bag
Price: £8.32 (9.98 inc VAT)

Shock Doctor Heavy Duty Gum Shield Case
Price: £8.32 (9.98 inc VAT)
Shock Doctor Mouthguard for Braces
Price: £14.99 (17.99 inc VAT)
Opro Custom Mouth Guard
Price: £41.65 (49.98 inc VAT)
Opro Refresh Mouth Guard Cleaning Tablets
Price: £4.58 (5.50 inc VAT)
Macho Dyna Face Shield
Price: £33.32 (39.98 inc VAT)
Top Ten Protective Face Mask
Price: £37.49 (44.99 inc VAT)
Top Ten Uppercut Bag
Price: £116.66 (139.99 inc VAT)
Top Ten Pro Curved Focus Mitts
Price: £45.83 (55.00 inc VAT)
Top Ten MMA Focus Mitts
Price: £49.99 (59.99 inc VAT)


Welcome to our dedicated range of fantastic boxing training equipment and protective gear specialised for the sport of boxing. Boxing remains one of the most popular sports in the world, and training in the sport continues to rise in popularity for those looking for a dynamic outlet for honing their skills and keeping fit. There’s absolutely nothing quite like boxing when it comes to challenging your cardiovascular system, and the nature of the sport also demands that you master aspects of footwork, balance and timing. Boxing is suitable for people of all ages, and is a fantastic activity to get your kids involved with. Once you’ve decided to get serious with boxing training, you’re going to need a few essential items of specialised boxing gear.

Here at Bytomic, we have available all of the boxing equipment you’ll need to get started in the sport. Whether you’re heading to your first session or looking to complete competitively, our first-rate boxing gear excels across the board. Choose from official boxing equipment from the industry's biggest brands, including the likes of Century Martial Arts, who designed the innovative BOB freestanding punch bag; Top Ten and Venum. Don’t forget that we also have our very own exclusive branded Bytomic boxing gear, made to offer superb and reliable performance when you need it most.

Browse our full range of boxing gloves and hand wraps to protect your hands and your opponents during sparring or competitive bouts. We also have fantastic training equipment for boxing, including boxing focus mitts & pads and punch bags.

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